Glossop Operatic and Dramatic Society

Annie (2007)

Our production for 23 - 28 April 2007 was Annie - the musical story of the girl whose life changes when she gets the chance to leave the New York orphanage run by the wicked Miss Hannigan to spend Christmas with the millionaire Oliver Warbucks.

The show's memorable songs included Tomorrow, Hard Knock Life, Little Girls, and Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile.

It was 1933, the USA was in the depths of the Depression, and down on New York's Lower East Side there was a grim Municipal Orphanage run by Miss Hannigan.  She had become uncaring and bitter after giving much of her life to look after other people's little girls.  One of the unfortunate girls in Miss Hannigan's charge was eleven year-old Annie, who'd been left there as an infant by parents who couldn't afford to care for her.  Fed up with her hash life, Annie escaped to try and find her parents but she was caught by a New York cop and was returned to the orphanage.  Whilst she was a runaway Annie had made friends with Sandy, a stray dog, but they became separated and Sandy walked the streets of New York City searching for Annie.

Meanwhile the millionaire Oliver Warbucks was searching for an orphan to invite into his home to celebrate Christmas. He sent his secretary, Grace Farrell, to find a child ... and she chose Annie.  Despite Warbucks' initial disappointment that Grace has not found a boy, he warmed to Annie and offered a reward in the hope that he could find the little girl's real parents.  Back at the orphanage Miss Hannigan had seen a way to make a quick buck and encouraged her brother Rooster and his girlfriend Lily to get the reward by claiming that Annie was their daughter.

So Rooster and Lily turned up in disguise at Warbucks' mansion hoping to claim Annie - and to claim the reward.  But Annie was in Washington cheering up the President, Franklin D Roosevelt, who was depressed at the depression.  Grace realised she had seen Rooster at Miss Hannigan's office and the couple's fraudulent claim was exposed just as it was discovered that Annie's parents had, in fact, died some time ago.  Warbucks planned to adopt Annie, and her fellow orphans were invited back to the Warbucks' home to share their Christmas and the return of Sandy the dog - just as America looked forward to future prosperity in the wake of the depression.

 Orphans Fully Dressed

Dress Rehearsal: Orphans - Never Fully Dressed Without a Smile

 Easy Street

Dress Rehearsal: Lilly, Rooster & Miss Hannigan - Easy Street





  ....from auditioning 82 talented girls in December we had 50 rehearsal nights/days to prepare the show before opening night in April - and Annie was needed to be at almost every session ...

.. but the hard work resulted in a wonderful production: an Annie with a wonderful voice ... a bunch of delightful Orphans ... a terrifying but pathetic Miss Hannigan ... a Warbucks with power and presence ... a graceful Grace who could control both Hannigan and Warbucks ... a Rooster & Lilly who were swaggering and conniving ... and a Sandy who followed each stage direction and even managed to look dejected when alone after "NYC" then smiled with delight in "Bows" ... 

Annie Katy Swan
Pepper Faye Allison
Bessie Jordanne Allsopp
Duffy Rosina Al-Shaater
Tessie Rebekah Baddeley
Charlie Molly Dyson
July Laura Foley
Molly Niamh Foley
Katy Chloe Hare
Blossom Daniella McCarron
Lottie Olivia McCarron
Oliver Warbucks Tony Thompson
Grace Farrell Tracey Withnall
Miss Hannigan Gemma Glencross
Rooster Tom Stockton
Lilly Catherine Baddeley
Drake Mike Webb
Franklin D Roosevelt Andrew Wilson
Lt. Ward Chris Pugh
Bundles James Done
Sandy Abi (Abigail Cheshire Charm) owned by Christine Aubrey
Chorus: Christine Bassett
  Matthew Cox
  Linda McAlinden
  Ann Parrans
  Julie Perry
  Norman Shaw
  Jo Towell
  Charlotte Walster
  Adrienne Wellings
  Sophie Wright
Director Ken Redfern
Choreographer Mel Greenwood
Musical Director Simon Murray
Asst. Musical Director Chris Fox
Stage Manager Paul Mosley
Production Manager David Swanston
Deputy Stage Manager Kate Stocks
Lighting Designer Andrew Veitch
Sound Designer Ian Gregory
Lighting Operator Rob Vane
Sound Operator Wybren ven Breejen (Veebs)
Properties Jean Mosley
Set Design Paul Mosley
Set Decoration Matthew Cox
Wardrobe Elizabeth Mellor & Gayle Eccles-Cannon
Front of House Joan Bowler & Christine Redfern
Programme Paul Mosley
Box Office Bay Tree Books
Publicity Mike Webb & Linda McAlinden


Maybe Annie
Hard Knock Life Annie & Orphans
Tomorrow Annie
Hooverville Company
Little Girls Miss Hannigan
I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here Annie, Grace, Servants
NYC Warbucks, Grace, Annie, Company
Easy Street Rooster, Miss Hannigan, Lilly
You Won't Be an Orphan For Long Grace, Warbucks, Annie, Servants
Fully Dressed Bert Healey
Fully Dressed Orphans
Easy Street reprise Rooster, Lilly, Miss Hannigan
Cabinet Tomorrow Annie, FDR, Cabinet, Warbucks
Something Was Missing Warbucks
I Don't Need Anything But You Warbucks, Annie, Grace, Drake, Company
Same Effect on Everyone Annie
New Deal for Christmas Warbucks, Grace, Annie, Company
Bows All


Our thanks to BODYCHECK Health & Fitness Centre for their sponsorship towards this production

Original production directed by Martin Charnin
Originally produced by Irwin Meyer, Stephen R. Friedman, Lewis Allen, Alvin Nederlander Associates Inc
The John F. Kennedy Center for Performing Arts, Icarus Productions.
Based on Little Orphan Annie by permission of the Tribune Media Services Inc.
This amateur production was presented by arrangement with JOSEF WEINBERGER LTD.

GODS, a non-professional company, produced Annie from 23rd - 28th April 2007

Director: Ken Redfern
Choreography: Mel Greenwood
Musical Direction: Simon Murray and Christine Fox
Production managed by David Swanston on behalf of GODS

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