Glossop Operatic and Dramatic Society

Our 2008 pantomime was RED RIDING HOOD, 2nd to 6th December 2008

Red Riding Hood had all the elements of the fairy tale we all remembered - Red Riding Hood herself with her Grandmother and, of course, a Wolf.  But our production also had Goldilocks and the Three Bears, Gypsy Rose, and Tom, Dick and Harry......

There was comedy and romance, songs and dancing, lively chorus numbers, and lots of audience involvement (oh yes there was...) - a traditional family pantomime for the Christmas season. 

Produced in Glossopdale Community College - Production Manager: Andrew Veitch


For those members who were involved in Red Riding Hood you may like to know that there is a DVD available of the show. It is a 2 DVD set of the complete saturday evening performance and is yours for the fantastic price of £5-00 which will be put towards the funding of the next show. If you want a copy contact Paul Mosley - 01457 865378 and order yours NOW.

Red Riding Hood Fay Ryan
Goldilocks Keeley Horrocks
Granny Smith David Chilton
Tom James Done
Dick Mike Ross
Harry Tom Stockton
Fairy Fern Zara Fernley
Grizelda, the Witch Majella Morriarty
Wolf Matthew Cox
Doctor Comfort Nigel Chamberlain
Nurse Joy Jane Capper
Gypsy Rose Jordan Williams
Constable Clot Mark McDonough
Mother Hubbard Julie Perry
Abigail/Star Keeper Brenda Peck
Gertrude Ann Parrans
Squire Chris Pugh
Chorus (Dancers denoted by: D* )  
Junior Chorus: Senior Chorus:
Sophie Campbell Beth Carter
Leah Crossman D* Louise Cox
Niamh Foley Kat Curzon
Sophie Galvin D* Naomi Duckworth D*
Eve Gorman Beth Fitton
Chloe Jones D* Gemma Glencross D*
Joy Hardy

Olivia McCarron D*

Ruth Hardy

Hayley Shaw D*
Cailum Leyshon Jemma Smith D*
Amy McDonough D* Eleanor Mottershead D*
James Mee Rebecca Mottershead D*
Ben Moriarty Jo Towell D*
Isabella Moriarty  
Sophie Rawcliffe D*  
Maisie Revell


Emma Rolfe D*  
May Trigg  
Director Carole Wilson
Choreographer Tracey Withnall
Musical Director Chris Fox
Stage Manager Paul Mosley
Production Manager Andrew Veitch
Lighting Designer Andrew Veitch
Sound Designer Ian Gregory
Lighting Operator Rob Vane
Sound Operator Wybren ven Breejen (Veebs)
Properties Jean Mosley
Set Design Paul Mosley
Wardrobe Linda McAlinden
Front of House Joan Bowler & Christine Redfern
Programme Paul Mosley
Box Office Bay Tree Books
Publicity Andrew Veitch




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