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Our Spring production for 2013 was


This joint production by GODS and Glossopdale Community College, performed entirely by students, was staged at New Mills Art Theatre from 16th to 20th April 2013

Set in post-revolutionary France we followed Jean Valjean from his release from the prison chain gang, through his rise to be a local mayor and factory-owner, to a fugitive persued by the rigid police inspector, Javert.  We see the tragic impact on Fantine, the ruthlessness of the Thenardiers, the romance between Marius and Cosette, and the lonliness of Eponine all set against aginst the Paris students' revolt.  This tale of tortured souls was told through fantactic songs including I Dreamed a Dream, Master of the House, Stars, One Day More, Castle on a Cloud, and Do You Hear the People Sing.

We had a wonderfully tallented cast with terrific energy and enthusiasm, a magnificent set, and a lovely theatre that gave everyone a night to remember. 

As the production was School Edition all members of the cast were amateurs, under-19, and still at school/college.  As we could draw on our own membership as well as the Glossopdale student body we were very pleased to have students from the whole area: Glossopdale, St Philip Howard, Longdendale, Stockport Grammar, Audenshaw, Mossley Hollins, Ashton 6th Form, Withington, Brabyns, St James, Duke of Norfolk, Broadbottom, St Charles, Simmondley, Charlesworth, Chinley, St Andrews: most are at secondary level but we included many primary school children.  The orchestra was also drawn from school students and provided a fantastic sound which was so necessary for this show.

This was the first joint production between GODS and GlossopdaleCommunity College, the first that either had done outside Glossop, the first using web-based ticketing, had the most demanding staging, and with the largest cast that either has worked with.

Although always attracting a large number of children the adult membership of GODS had fallen over recent years to the point where the committee was struggling to find a show that could be cast and that would draw the audiences needed to meet the very substantial costs of a traditional production.  Added to that was the fact that although school halls were suitable for pantomimes there is no performance venue in Glossop to stage a major show.

GlossopdaleCommunity College was also struggling to find a show suitable for its annual production, and while Les Miserables School Edition had always been attractive it was felt to be beyond the staging and other resources of the school.

Both bodies have always seen themselves as community-based organisations and a chance realisation of the option for joint working started the production.

The initiators of the idea were made production managers charged with turning the idea into a plan and by the end of July agreement had been reached, a venue was found, financial plans made, and a performing licence secured.

It was decided at the outset that the show should be as inclusive as possible and auditions, held at the start of the new school year, were advertised widely.  Over 110 children came forward and while most were from Glossopdale students from 15 other schools became involved.

Rehearsing the show was challenging as it entirely sung, without any spoken dialogue, and chorus and principals were frequently interwoven.  There are some solos but most of the 30 songs require a large number of the cast: with 36 characters having solo lines seven different chorus groups with harmonies.  Stage direction wasn’t made easy with a complicated twisting story that most didn’t know, and the requirement for children to play adult roles.

But the kids were great.  Their exceptional talent, coupled with their dedication, endurance and behaviour would put most adult casts to shame.  Rehearsals had a lot of laughter but never any tears, except those of emotion when the meaning of a particular scene was realised. 

And New Mills Art Theatre was great: the stage, backstage and audience facilities were far superior than we've ever had, and their personnel and their relationship with us couldn't have been better.

We hope that we gave a good audience experience.  But more than that we believe we have given the children of the show the experience of some terrific music in a major production on a real stage of a real theatre.

Our show won the Association of Community Theatre's 2013 Spotlight Award for Most Original Youth Production Concept and received a host of nominations:

Most Accomplished Youth Ensemble Production,

Most Accomplished Female Actor (Kiera McClelland: Fantine),

Most Accomplished Male Actor (Jack Dolan: Valjean),

Most Original Female Character Portrayal (Fern Curran: Eponine) and

Most Original Male Character Portrayal (Max Foster-Currie: Javert).  The

Click to read the NODA review or for the ACT review.



Tuesday, Thursday,

Saturday Matinee

Wednesday, Friday,

Saturday Evening

Javert    Max Foster-Currie  Max Foster-Currie
Valjean   Jack Dolan Jack Dolan  


Ben Fox   Ben Fox
Fantine   Kiera McClelland Bethany Southworth
Mme Thenardier Zorazelda King   Zorazelda King
Little Cosette  Josie Swan Poppy Leech 
Little Eponine  Beth McDonald Alice Hackney
Thenardier Mathew Nield Mathew Nield
Gavroche  Charlie Hodgkinson Tyler Halton
Marius  Ciaran Ashton Ciaran Ashton
Eponine  Fern Curran Amy McDonough
Cosette Nicole Halton Rebecca Mottershead

Chorus members, many with solo lines, play a vast number of other parts which are no less important to the story:

Convicts, Guards, Farmers, the Poor, Factory Workers & Foremen, Nuns, Servants, Constables, Prostitutes & their Customers, Sailors, Old Woman, Cart Crash Victim & Onlookers, Drinkers & Diners, Urchins, Students, Thieves, Women Young & Old, Citizens of Paris, Army Officers & Soldiers, and Wedding Ball Dancers. 

Chloe Adams

Mishelina Fouche John Pimlot

Emily Austin

Lauren France Harry Prady
Isabelle Austin Emily Goodwin Conor Quinlan

Amy Barnes

Oliver Goodwin Alana Rawding

Sarah Betts

Jasmine Habgood Amy Readman Bostock

Nicola Boys

Amy Harbut Amber Reece-Greenhalgh

Edward Brooks

Jessica Harbut Leah Rimmer

Cerys Brotherton

Josh Harbut Emily Roberts
Valentina Casuli Daniel Hart Katy Sanderson
Beth Chappell Josh Hawson Alec Scofield
Esther Coombes Joe Hennicker Jessie Smith
Sam Coombes Jacqueline Kinsey Kiara Sutcliffe
Athol Craig Seb Kinsey Arron Thomas-Perry
Katie Dow Macauley Leah Amelia Thornber

Bobbi Effanga  

Lucy Moore Cameron Williams
Katie Elliott Jack Morris Anais Wilson
Hannah Fellows Ellen Nield Mel Wise
Niamh Foley Chloe Pidhoreckyj  


Keyboard 1: Chris O'Hara Guitar: Tim Malkin Trombone: Dom Brass
Keyboard 2: Ellie Zuntz Horn: Julia Kinch (alt.) Saxophone: Jenny Tainsh
Keyboard 3: Jeni Thornton Horn: Claire Kinch (alt.)  Clarinet: Ella Wragg
Bass: Joss Woodhouse Horn: Tom Hayes Flute: Matt Connell

Percussion: Nathen Jackson-Turner

Trumpet: Seb Brass Violin: Sophie Booth

Producers: Daniel Peate & David Swanston

Stage Manager: Terry Barber Publicity: David Chilton

Director: Ken Redfern

ASM: Sarah Gregory Programme: David Swanston & Paul Marsh

Assistant Directors: John Owen, Sarah Gregory, Kirsty Oliver, Rowena Kidd

Set: John Owen Advertising sales: David Chilton & Joan Bowler

Musical Director: Mark Bousie

Sound: Dan Peate Photography: Natalie Leech

Voice Coach: Claire Surman

Lighting: Adam Martin

Front of House: Joan Bowler

Rehearsal Leader: Daniel Peate

Properties: Janet Hinchliffe Ticketing: David Chilton & David Swanston

Choreographer: Heather Nevin

Costume: David Swanston Box Office: TicketSource and Bay Tree Books

Dance Captain: Hannah Fellows

Wardrobe: Elanor Swan In The Art Theatre: members of New Mills AODS


Make Up: Michelle Nield  Offstage assistance:  Parents of the cast


We don't have pictures from the production but here are some from rehearsals...

Students at the barricade:

Valjean, the Thenardiers and an overgrown Little Cosette in The Bargain:









and by Dress Rehearsal:

Lovely Ladies in The Docks:

One Day More:


Enjolras & students at the ABC Cafe: 

Gavroche & Beggars:


Marius - The Night - rehearsing with set & then at Dress Rehearsal:

Thenardiers at The Wedding:

the barricade at costume call - with LX bar & flag to be flown out:

DPS  19/05/2013